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BeanMap Manual

Read this documentation to understand how to use BeanMap, and perhaps why you would want to if you aren't already.


BeanMap is a .NET library (currently requiring 3.5). You may either reference the dll, or build the source within your project. See Downloads for the latest dll I've built and uploaded, or go to Source Code if you want the source.


Getting Started
Best Practices

Classes and Functions

MapKV Map<K, V>
This 1-key, 1-value map replaces the basic Dictionary<K, V> seemlessly, while providing all the power of the BeanMap library.
MapKKV Map<K1, K2, V>
The 2-key map was what first drove me to develop the BeanMap library. Where you may have used a Dictionary<K1, Dictionary<K2, V>>, you would only need to use Map<K1, K2, V>.
MapKKKV Map<K1, K2, K3, V>
Though a 3-key map is not very common, it has come up in my work a couple of times.
It is possible, though not simple, to extend from MapBase to create your own keyed map. This would only be necessary if you need more than 3 keys (currently 1, 2, and 3 key maps are supported in the library). If you need more methods on an existing Map, it is recommended you simply extend from an existing Map class, and not MapBase. See this documentation for learning how to build a 4 (or more) key map.



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